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February 23, 2007

PV3D Examples

Collection of people making stuff with the Papervision3D library for Flash. Newest links at the top. NEW: RSS Feed of the examples – Generated fire texture on a sphere – Control two independant ninjas – Control a mech and fire missiles – Neat controllable tractor simulator – image slideshow widget. click the slideshow near center of screen to activate – Supposedly generated terrain, looks like blobs of color when I looked at it – control a neat skydiver – photorealistic head – Some fire in 3d – some interlocking planes – logic game with cubes – scrolling tiled pattern on a plane – twitter messages in 3d – watch and control 3d people walking around – animated cheerleader character – doublesided postcard with flex components in it – animated 2d in 3d – a blue head in a red room – Another example FLV as a texture – playing drums with a wiimote (prerecorded video) – A video of Metroid on a cube – 3d panorama of an office, includes video – demo of mouse-interactive cubes – shows images from flicker on a 3d globe – draw ontop of a 3d scene – a bunch of planes with photos on them – game, click on strawberries to eat them – FLV projected onto an object – sweet baked textures #6 – sweet baked textures #5 – a virtual piano plays along with a song – puzzle game, push cubes around – MD2 test with a fish – neat sound visualizer – Cube with different materials on each side – collada import – Away3d – 3d engine based on PV3d – iTunes-like UI – Renders scene as a material – Cube z-ordering problem – Draw your own bus – RTMP video as material demo – Fly airplane, bomb balloons – non-coplaner lines test – some pink cubes–a-geek-gift – 3d painter test – campus and buildings in 3d – Skybox distortion test – 3d cloth simulation – neat webcam visualization – direct the robot by clicking – spiky ball in flex – Tweening camera using beizer curves – Panorama game – Quake MD2 loader with animation – PV3D previewer / model loader – dynamic 3d lighting – draws more and more triangles – click the signs, use arrows to rotate the globe – Neat particles demo / explorer – uses lots of cpu – triangles – apollo mesh viewer. screenshot – demo using all the primitive obj types – neat spinny flashy thing–Carousels-on-Steriods – ad site for some shoes, uses 2.5Dish PV3D–one-step-closer-to-the-master-plan – dual carousel – A torus primitive – Stressing the maximum number of polygons – Stresstest 2 – Stresstest 3 – combined hotspot and globe example – Cone primitive class – test of making a camera follow a splite – heighmap / landscape on a sphere – 3d intro, for a physics engine – Example animated texture – 3d PDA with video on it – some houses (z-order bug) – drive a racecar around a track (follow camera) – drive a racecar around a track (static camera) – some kind of bouncy thing – apollo test, 3 textured cubes – faked reflections on a soda can – fly a jet and shoot – 1,2,3 keys set quality – FPS-like demo with a glock, move and shoot targets – 2d-ish desktop clock using Apollo. (kills my cpu) – spikey planets – a thing bounces on the screen – 3rd person camera demo, fly a spaceship – baked texture on Chompy the Great – z-ordering demo to fix draw order problems – Buggy Model from Doom3 – a robot head w/ animated texture & blur effects – arrows to move, space+arrows to push box, goal=hypnotizing block – zflat, phong, cell-shading – procedurally generated terrain – zelda looking terrain – level of detail demo to fix texture distortion – simple spring physics in 3d – images on cubes, click and it moves to them – high-res skybox – lights and bumpmaps (baked textures) – spiffy animated baked texture on a purple thing – Apollo+PV3d+Google Maps – sound visualization in 3d – some bakes, site nav demo, tank demo – pacman demo. arrows=move, enter=change camera – apollo and pv3d, planes overlayed on desktop – blurry blobs – Texture Distortion Example – art site with neat cubes and stuff – Bush 3D – A few demos – floating squares 2 – floating squares – floating cubes – NOT PV3D – MD2 + env mapping – a bunch of photos in space – Classic Boing 3D demo – papervision + tweener = cones – shows songs and stuff – motion capture data – star wars game – mini game, collect the coins – focus in the city – spaceship in an “infinite” tunnel – another planet thing with a plane – geometry generated by a curve – 3 running videos – perlin noise landscape – sound in 3d space. arrows / mouse drag to move – planet with stars and lensflare – wiggly video blanket – four rotating videos(slow to load) – loads photos in 3d space – trippy effect on a cube – FLV video mapped to a cube – spaceship flying around a planet – flex + cat model from sandy – shape primitives – skeleton animation speed test – example flv wrapped on object – skeleton animation – demo for some kind of puzzle game – 3 flvs with reflections – another 3 flvs in space – 3 flvs in space – trying to do stereo vision – spaceship – house (very slow for me) – panoramic – flex demo – geoshperes – flickr integration – pacman unplayable demo (slow for me) – textfield on a plane – phong lighting on a rhino – bumpmapping & evironment mapping on a globe – animated ribbon in 3d

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  3. Check out the iTunes style UI done with PV3D!

    Comment by Steven — May 23, 2007 @ 1:09 pm

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  5. [...] 2. Papervision3D 介 绍:这个项目我是大半年前看到的,当时给我的感觉就是惊天地,泣鬼神啊。谁说FLASH不能做3D(哦,当时是只有FLEX,不知道现在FLASH 9能不能用这套类库),谁说FLASH的3D性能不好,谁说FLASH的3D编程很麻烦?那就看看Papervision3D吧。 Papervision3D是由巴西人Carlos差不多凭自己一人之力(后来的版本应该多了很多contributor),开发出了我认为是在 FLASH界第一成熟的3D引擎(其实之前也有sandy等基于FLASH的3D引擎,但我觉得都不如Papervision3D),现在有些商业性网站 也用这套引擎来做应用类了。我简单说说PV3D的优点:1,可以直接导入dae和ase文件(这些文件你用3DMAX或其他3D工具安装一个小插件就可以 导出的了),这意味着可以直接使用大部分专业3D工具制作出来的模型。2,性能好,AS3能有如此性能,确是超出我想像,3,功能强,现在已经支持很多振 奋人心的高级3D效果了,不知道最终版本会变成怎样呢 4,使用简单。基本上看一看例子就知道怎么做了。。5,最重要的,它是开源的。 有兴趣的可以先到下面这页面看看PV3D的例子(有一堆,呵呵) [...]

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  7. Great links..

    Comment by Projekty domow — October 30, 2007 @ 4:03 pm

  8. thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

    Comment by Whatever-ishere — November 21, 2007 @ 8:10 am


    Christmas Chaos

    The Grinch has stolen christmas once again, taking with him all the presents!!!

    Chase after him and get those presents back! Watch out for the grinch missles!

    How far can you get without crashing?

    EDIT: I am using the BETA AS3 highscore API, and it seems that after posting a new score you have to refresh to post a second score… I’ll try and fix this shortly
    Game Instructions:

    Use the mouse to turn, and the space bar to use your boosters. This is a POINT BASED, Distance game! You need to get as many points as you can. The Grinches knock you down, avoid them. collect everything else. Presents are HUGE points! the items are massively larger than you are. Because of this, it is easier to go over them than under. Try letting them juuust hit your head.

    Comment by sstark — December 15, 2007 @ 9:32 pm

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  15. [...] 2.    Papervision3D 介绍:这个项目我是大半年前看到的,当时给我的感觉就是惊天地,泣鬼神啊。谁说FLASH不能做3D(哦,当时是只有FLEX,不知道现在FLASH 9能不能用这套类库),谁说FLASH的3D性能不好,谁说FLASH的3D编程很麻烦?那就看看Papervision3D吧。Papervision3D是由巴西人Carlos差不多凭自己一人之力(后来的版本应该多了很多contributor),开发出了我认为是在FLASH界第一成熟的3D引擎(其实之前也有sandy等基于FLASH的3D引擎,但我觉得都不如Papervision3D),现在有些商业性网站也用这套引擎来做应用类了。我简单说说PV3D的优点:1,可以直接导入dae和ase文件(这些文件你用3DMAX或其他3D工具安装一个小插件就可以导出的了),这意味着可以直接使用大部分专业3D工具制作出来的模型。2,性能好,AS3能有如此性能,确是超出我想像,3,功能强,现在已经支持很多振奋人心的高级3D效果了,不知道最终版本会变成怎样呢 4,使用简单。基本上看一看例子就知道怎么做了。。5,最重要的,它是开源的。 有兴趣的可以先到下面这页面看看PV3D的例子(有一堆,呵呵) [...]

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  16. [...] Papervision3D(简称PV3D)是一个开源的遵循MIT协议的使用AS3代码写成的3D引擎,具体请参见,百度百科上对PV3D有简要的介绍,关于PV3D的一些示例请参见与,绚丽的三维效果绝会让你惊诧不已。 [...]

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