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August 1, 2007

DS85 with DLDI support

Someone has added DLDI support to my old TI-85 Emulator. I don’t have any exotic devices, so I can’t say how well it works.

You can download it here: ds85_r3.rar

There’s a forum thread about it going on here:

Let me know if it works/doesn’t work on your particular device.

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October 24, 2006

TI-85 Rom Fixer

A couple of people have been having problems with dumped ROM files coming out corrupt. Turns out this is a known problem, if you are interested in the gory details, check out this site.

For those of you who just want it to work, I’ve taken the code from the above site and ported it to C, to make a simple TI-85 ROM fixer. In order to use it, you must know your own ROM version first.

Make sure to read the included README file!


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October 17, 2006

Better DS85 Timing, Greyscale

I’m working on improving the timing code to DS85. Right now, in ‘Real Speed’ mode, it kinda stutters. In the next release, it will be nice and smooth, and I’m trying to make it indistinguishable from a real TI-85. Along with better timing code, I’ve implemented some code which should allow greyscale apps to run. Unfortunately, greyscale is difficult to emulate, due to the nasty tricks they use to make greyscale on the 85 :D. Right now, it works some of the time, but other times it flickers badly.

Some screenshots:

Here’s a couple screenshots of it running M.C.Mik (which actually works pretty well, though I’m not sure how to beat it. I should probably read the instructions or something)

A screenshot of Daedalus (a 3d ray-casting engine)

Also, I added a rotation mode (so you can play games like Tetris Attack, Dr. Mario, Puyo Pop). Here is a comparison of the four display modes available, using good old Dr. Mario.

Normal mode



Rotated and Stretched
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October 15, 2006

DS85 Release 2

Here is the second release of my TI-85 emulator port. New features include:

  • Saving & Loading State
  • Support for loading Virtual TI save states
  • ROM & Save/Load support for non-libfat devices (GBA Flashcarts, EZ4, G6)
  • Can turn frameskipping on & off (when skipping is on, speeds things up a bit)
  • Can toggle between real speed and full speed. (full speed is actually faster than a real TI, but it makes it hard to play games)
  • Comes with an included save-state with several games already loaded. (Usgard shell, ZKart3D, ztetris, solytare, jezzball, Lunoid8, mineswp, and PhoenixZ)
  • Toggle between proportional and stretched scaling modes

Download DS85 now!
Download a video (5.5MB) of it in action!

Tip: If you want to load some apps to the emu, right now an option is to use Rusty Wagner’s excellent windows-based Virtual TI. Create a save state from there, and rename it to ‘ti85.sna’ and place it on your CF/SD card.

Make sure to read the included README.txt file completely!Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

NOTE: Make sure your TI-85 Rom is version 10.0! Other versions have not been tested, but may work. However, they will definately NOT work with the included save state. To check rom version, on your calculator type ‘[2nd] [MODE] [ALPHA] [S]’. Press any key EXCEPT [ENTER] to exit this screen. (Pressing [ENTER] will erase your memory)

UPDATE: I believe there was an error in the flashcart version. Please redownload and try it again. Also note that the copy command was possibly INCORRECT. Check the README.txt again, it has been updated with the correct copy command. Thanks.

Some (cropped) screenshots. (The below files are all included in the save state in the zip!)

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October 12, 2006

TI85 Emulator Roadmap

Plan for version R2

  • Save/Load state
  • Autopress ON key for you (so you don’t have to worry about it)
  • Works on standard GBA flashcarts without libfat support
  • Map hardware DS buttons to TI buttons

Current keymapping plan:

D-PAD – Arrows
A – 2nd
X – F1
Start – ON (also shows debug screen while held)
Select – MORE
Start+Select – RESET (warning! no confirmation!)
R – Normal scaling (Proportional)
L – Stretched scaling, fill entire screen

The way I chose the ABXY buttons are based on which keys are most used in assembly games.

Plans for version R3 and beyond:

  • Loading state from Virtual TI save state files (so you can make a nice save state on your PC, with lots of files/apps/games, then transfer to the DS)
  • Transfering files directly. You can just copy *.85? files to your CF/SD card, and then load them onto your TI from a special menu
  • Different on-screen button layouts.

Request for help: If anyone can come up with some nice button layouts, I can put them in. MrShlee made some here, however the links no longer work.
Personally, I prefer all the buttons easily accessible on a single screen. Though I might try his method of having two screens, just to see how it works. Also, I would prefer button layouts similar to what I have, and not ones based on a photo, like I had before (unless you make it look really nice & clean). Of course, I will put your name in the credits & readme. Thanks!

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October 11, 2006

DS85: A TI-85 emulator

I’ve revisited my TI emulator for the DS. This port is based on new sources, and ONLY supports the TI-85 (which is what I own anyway, so fine with me).

Currently, it seems to function well. Speed is very close to 100%.
There are still a few things to clean up and add (currently no save-states, or any way to transfer files to it), but it is now usuable for most calculations & graphing. The keypad is also nice and responsive (unlike the buggy previous version).

Download DS85 R1
Check for the latest version!

It supports all libfat-compatible devices, which means pretty much anything that takes a CF or some type of SD card. Let me know if it works for you. Be sure to read the included README.txt file!

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