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February 13, 2007


This looks pretty neat, it’s an opensource 3D library written completely in actionscript3, for flash9+. It’s the first serious 3d engine I’ve seen in flash, and while it is still at an early stage (somewhat closed beta, if you join the mailing list you can find info on how to get it), it looks like it will be amazing. The coding is clean, and there is already some documentation (often rare in opensource projects).Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

Here is a quick test with some Bouncing Cubes that I’ve made:

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August 17, 2006

Triple-threat webapp language

haXe is a new powerful programming language that can generate Javascript code and also compiles to Flash SWF (including latest Flash Player 9). It handles all the browsers differences and has crossplatform APIs such as Xml, Http, Date…

The sweet thing about it, is instead of using 3 languages to write webapps, now you only need one. Instead of Actionscript+Javascript+PHP, you can use haXe+haXe+haXe.

As a replacement for ActionScript: contains several powerful language features, including ‘type inference’, and can compile the same code to flash 6,7,8 or 9. No need to switch syntax when going between versions.

As a replacement for JavaScript: Provides a typed language, to help you make fewer errors, versus javascript’s complete dynamic typing.

As a replacement for PHP(Perl/Python/Ruby/etc): Use the same language on the client and the server. Libraries for file/database/image/etc manipulation. Compiled to bytecode, thus can run much faster than the interpreted languages (some benchmarks show it 20 times faster than PHP).

haXe website | digg story

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August 1, 2006

Realtime Sound Sythesis in Flash 9

This is a followup to my previous post

Since I made that post, several people (who have some audio programming experience, unlike me) have taken my technique and greatly improved it.

Here are the links:

They are all very exciting, and exactly the sorts of things I was hoping would happen when I published that sound example 3-ish months ago.

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April 25, 2006

Flash is still better than AJAX

So I’ve been ignoring the whole ajax/js/dhtml thing, only doing flash programming. It turns out that the implementation of XmlHttpRequest has a few major shortfalls. Short summary of linked article:

  1. There are no persistant connections. This rules out any type of ‘server-push’ programming model, forcing clients to poll the server, which either puts more strain on bandwidth and server resources, and/or increases lag time between updates.
  2. You can’t turn off HTTP request headers

So in essence, AJAX coders are still stuck with LoadVars. They don’t have anything that offers the functionality of XMLSocket (persistant connections, ability to send whatever data you want).

The one shortfall of XMLSocket (text only data, must be null-terminated), is removed in Flash 9 (formerly known as 8.5), and already I’ve seen a flash-based pop3 example as well as a flash-based vnc viewer/client.

The solution is to modify the implementation of XmlHttpRequest. The above article talks about some possible fixes. This would really be a boon to all the “Web 2.0” coders who for whatever reason are unable to use Flash.

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April 21, 2006

Dynamic Sound in 8.5

Please see this update

As far as I know the company formerly known as Macromedia did not add any kind of dynamic sound generation methods to ActionSciprt3 / Flash 8.5. However, they did add two features we can use to hack it:

  1. ‘ByteArray’ class which is a low level data class
  2. ‘Loader’ class (formerly MovieClipLoader) can load from a ByteArray, as well as the normal loading from a URL.

So the theory is, I generate valid swf into a byteArray that simply contains sound data, then I load that and it plays.

This would involve me understanding the swf binary file format…however that’s a bit of a pain, so I cheated.

  1. Create a .fla in Flash 8 & import a sound into frame 1
  2. Copy & paste the entire data from the .swf into an array in my AS3 project
  3. At runtime, replace the central part of the array with new data (leaving the header and footer of the data intact). Just a bit of trial & error to see how much data needs to be left

Here is a very simple example:

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April 19, 2006

JetBlue Easter Egg

This is hilarious. I wonder how long until this gets pulled out. Someone’s head is definately going to roll.

1. Go to JetBlue Routemap
2. Click on any destination airport
3. Hold shift and type PBJ

UPDATE: As I write this, the page no longer has the animation, and only has a static image now. Here is a screenshot to see what you missed.

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March 31, 2006


Hooray for funny web 2.0 names (See VYEW…a project I worked on). Gliffy is a visio knockoff written in flash using OpenLaszlo. It has a feature where you can publish a JPG of your drawing, but everytime you save your drawing, the JPG will be automatically Mobdro APK updated! So I’m testing that out here:

[EDIT]: Ok…it seems to work. I just change the drawing over there, hit save, and when I reload this page, the drawing is updated.

Post a comment w/ a valid email address mobdro if you want to get into the gliffy beta.

Gliffy Test
Click for larger
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March 29, 2006

Procedural Landscape


Originally uploaded by josath.

This is a procedural landscape I generated using Perlin Noise, and the beauty is that it’s all done in Flash. I’m writing this post from within flickr, just to see how it’s done.
You can see the actual swf at my flash page, but beware, most of the stuff there is beta, and I don’t have any fancy flash embedding set up, so it may not even work for you.

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