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April 20, 2007

Apollo Intrinsic Classes

UPDATE: Complete & accurate versions can be found by brainy at flashdevelop forums, much better than my unfinished attempt.

I have written a quick & hacky script to parse the <a href=""apollo reference to create intrinsic classes. It is not perfect, and they still need a bit of cleanup by hand (imports, a few syntax errors here and there). But I’ve gotten a good 90% of the hard work done.

These would be useful for anyone using a IDE besides Flex Builder, in order to get autocomplete etc.Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Please, if you do clean them up, post a comment, and I will link it here, so everyone can use them.


UPDATE: I tried again, this time by parsing the bytecodes from the SWC. There’s only one problem, no paramater names (but I do have paramamter types). The cool part about this way, is that it shows all the undocumented and private methods as well!

UPDATE AGAIN: was missing some classes due to not parsing dynamic or final classes.


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April 5, 2007

Apollo App: AS3 Tip of the Day

This is another fairly quick app I wrote, it pulls the posts from senocular’s AS3 Tip of the Day thread, and then displays them in a little browser (minus all the other forum cruft). It also caches them to disk, so each tip needs to be loaded only once.

(sorry for the lame interface)

AS3Tips.air — install file, requires Apollo Alpha Runtime.
AS3Tips.mxml — source code

Thanks to senocular for writing these amazingly helpful AS3 tips!

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March 28, 2007

Native file browse dialog in Apollo

I haven’t seen any examples on how to use the native OS browse dialogs for opening & saving files, so here’s a quick example.

Basically, the idea is to use the File (which extends FileReference) class, and pretend to upload or download files from the net, but not actually perform the action, and just grab the file’s path directly.

This app allows you to load a PNG or JPEG, apply a blur effect, then save it as a JPEG again. It requires the JPGEncoder from the AS3 corelib

Download BrowseExample.mxml (only works with Apollo, not in a browser etc)

Install BrowseExample.air

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March 21, 2007

Lyric Station – Apollo App

I saw this post by Marcos P. who created an app for searching for song lyrics. I took it and added a few small enhancements:

  • Download raw lyrics instead of html — saves bandwidth & time
  • Better layout — I take advantage of Flex’s layout capabilities to make the interface resizable
  • Partial match searching — If a song is not found, I call out to the search page in the lyrics wiki, and then parse the results. This allows to find songs if you don’t know the exact name, or miss a ‘the’, or to browse all songs by a certain artist

LyricStation.air — requires the Apollo Runtime Alpha 1 in order to use. AIR file also includes the source code.

Many thanks to Marcos for giving out the source! It’s a great learning experience to hack on other people’s code that they’ve already gotten started for you.

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