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April 26, 2007

Open Source Flash FUD

Every time someone mentions open sourcing the flash player, someone always jumps up to defend Adobe (formerly Macromedia…I’ll always think of Flash as a MM product). There are many good reasons why they may not want to opensource the runtime, but the fear of having multiple incompatible runtimes is not one of them.

The ‘OMG incompatible versions’ thing is just a bunch of FUD. If Adobe kept control of the player, there would not be any issue with this. Sure, you might have 1 or 2% of the users branching off to make their own versions, but they already do this anyway! (see gnash, also that other opensource flash player). If the official player were open sourced, then the branches would be much more compatible. Gnash lacks in a lot of areas, and only supports up to F7, imagine if they could reuse code from the official player. So you would actually gain more compatibility by opensourcing, not less!

Notes on Blair’s post:

  1. Microsoft’s JVM was not made by branching an open-source copy of Sun’s JVM. It was made by microsoft, and they PURPOSEFULLY made it incompatible, to try and encorage platform lock-in. After the whole suit from Sun, a few years later they made their own language / platform (C# / .NET), and achieved the same goals. (Platform lockin. No, Mono is not a good substitute for 90% of apps)
  2. Microsoft’s JVM did not kill Java in the browser, Java sucking is what killed Java in the browser.
  3. Sun’s JVM just went GPL recently, and there hasn’t been an explosion of dozens of incompatible JVMs. In fact, off the top of my head, I cannot think of a single JVM besides the official one, because that’s what I always use, on windows, mac, and linux. Sure there are different versions, but the same applies to flash, and to any non-dead technology.

(Personally I do not like the GPL, it has some real problems, but that’s a topic for another day)

For the case of the flash player, imagine that we still had ExpressInstall, and that it always pointed at the official Adobe upgrade site. The only people who might even possibly install an incompatible version, are the fringe users, and they would be fully aware of what they are doing. The average user who just sees ‘New version of flash, click OK’ would always have the official version.

I wish people would stop resorting to this argument against flash being open source. Why not just use the real ones?

  1. Adobe makes lots of money selling flash player to device manufacturers.
  2. Adobe uses expensive proprietary audio and video codes which they cannot open source.
  3. Probably a few others as well, but the above two are the main ones in my mind.
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April 22, 2007

Flex Builder 2.01 under Linux

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Flash Builder for Linux has been CANCELLED. There just isn’t a big enough Linux market for Adobe to dedicate so much effort to supporting the third platform. Eclipse is written in Java, true, but it never really lived up to the promise of “write-once run-anywhere”.

Adobe will no longer be investing in the development of a version of Adobe® Flex® Builder™ or Adobe Flash® Builder™ that runs on Linux operating systems. This decision is specific to Flash Builder and does not affect other Linux activities for other Adobe products. Linux developers will still be able to use the SDK from the line command to build Flex applications.


UPDATE! Official Flex Builder 3 for Linux!!
Check it out here!

The stuff below is left here for posterity’s sake…but you probably want the link above, and forget everything below…

With a bit of tweaking, I’ve gotten Flex Builder 2.01 working under Linux. Everything seems to work, including debugging, except for the Design view.

Here is a brief outline:

  1. Download and extract Eclipse. I used Eclipse SDK 3.2.2 NOTE: I could not get it to work when eclipse was installed in /usr. Unless you can figure it out, do not install eclipse via your OS, simply download the .tgz and extract it to your home directory.
  2. Download and extract the free Flex 2.01 SDK.
  3. Download and install the Flex Charting Components (same link as above) Run the installer by java -jar flex_charting_2_installer.jar and install it to the root of your Flex2 SDK directory.
  4. Download the Flash 9 Debugging player
    1. install the plugin into your browser by running plugin/debugger/install_flash_player_9_linux/flashplayer-installer.
    2. (as root) copy standalone/debugger/flashplayer to /usr/local/bin
    3. create a symlink for gflashplayer, (as root) ln -s /usr/local/bin/flashplayer /usr/local/bin/gflashplayer
  5. Download the FlexBuilder 2.01 Plugin for Linux (mirror)
    1. Extract this to the root eclipse install folder. It will create files in the configuration, plugins, and features directories which are already part of eclipse.
    2. Open eclipse/configuration/com.adobe.flexbuilder/flexbuilder2.xml and change the value of <sdkpath> to point to the root directory where you installed the Flex 2 SDK
  6. (OPTIONAL) Fix the annoying ‘Incorrect flash player installed’ popup every time you run your project:
    1. Download debugui.jar
    2. Overwrite the file eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.debug.ui_2.0.155577/debugui.jar with the downloaded one
  7. (OPTIONAL) Use the windows flash player with WINE instead of native linux flash player.
    1. Make sure you have WINE installed correctly
    2. Download the windows standalone projector debugger (see link at top for player downloads)
    3. Download this flashplayer script and place in your path, as well as rename the linux player so it doesn’t interfere. You probably still need the symlink to gflashplayer as above.
  8. (OPTIONAL) If you already use eclipse, it’s possible it wont see the new Flex plugins. Simply run the following command to get eclipse to search for your newly installed stuff:
    1. “./eclipse -clean”

That should be it! The only problem I’ve had is switching to design view messes everything up. Just stay in source view and you’ll be fine. Also, whenever I try to debug, it says I don’t have flash 9 installed, but I just press continue, and debugging works like normal (catching traces, breakpoint on crash, etc).

Thanks to this chinese guy’s post for figuring it out. He has a few more posts on the issue ([1], [2]), but I didn’t seem to need any of the info in them.

Somewhat related, this post talks about other ways of using Flex 2 / AS3 under linux.

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April 20, 2007

Apollo Intrinsic Classes

UPDATE: Complete & accurate versions can be found by brainy at flashdevelop forums, much better than my unfinished attempt.

I have written a quick & hacky script to parse the <a href=""apollo reference to create intrinsic classes. It is not perfect, and they still need a bit of cleanup by hand (imports, a few syntax errors here and there). But I’ve gotten a good 90% of the hard work done.

These would be useful for anyone using a IDE besides Flex Builder, in order to get autocomplete etc.Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Please, if you do clean them up, post a comment, and I will link it here, so everyone can use them.


UPDATE: I tried again, this time by parsing the bytecodes from the SWC. There’s only one problem, no paramater names (but I do have paramamter types). The cool part about this way, is that it shows all the undocumented and private methods as well!

UPDATE AGAIN: was missing some classes due to not parsing dynamic or final classes.


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April 10, 2007

Minor note about saving in Draw

If your card is not supported by Draw, but it does have SRAM (that is, a slot-2 card), then use the save to SRAM option in Draw. Transfer the save file to your PC, and try renaming it to .png and see if it opens.

If it does NOT open, try this website: Savegames convertor and convert your file to the “Supercard One / Ninjapass / DSLinker (.sav)” format, and then try renaming to PNG.

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April 5, 2007

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