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March 21, 2007

Lyric Station – Apollo App

I saw this post by Marcos P. who created an app for searching for song lyrics. I took it and added a few small enhancements:

  • Download raw lyrics instead of html — saves bandwidth & time
  • Better layout — I take advantage of Flex’s layout capabilities to make the interface resizable
  • Partial match searching — If a song is not found, I call out to the search page in the lyrics wiki, and then parse the results. This allows to find songs if you don’t know the exact name, or miss a ‘the’, or to browse all songs by a certain artist

LyricStation.air — requires the Apollo Runtime Alpha 1 in order to use. AIR file also includes the source code.

Many thanks to Marcos for giving out the source! It’s a great learning experience to hack on other people’s code that they’ve already gotten started for you.

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