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December 6, 2006

Control X.Org cursor with Wiimote

READ THIS –> WMD has been apparently discontinued…so here are two other projects for dealing with wiimotes under linux:

1. Cwiid (I use this one personally, works well for my basic needs, mostly for playing NES emulators)
2. libwiimote

Our good friend e-Hernick is working on a “driver” for linux to use the wiimote (The controller for Nintendo’s Wii). I say “driver” in quotes, because it’s not really a driver, as it doesn’t have any kernel-mode code. In fact, it is simply a python script.

e-Hernick sez: “OH YEAH! I am now controlling the XORG MOUSE with the WIIMOTE IR, with the use of my very own!”

I haven’t personally tested it, (mainly since I don’t have a wiimote). But it looks neat.

Latest versions can now be found at:

Requirements: Linux 2.6 with evdev and uinput, Xorg 7.0 with evdev BlueZ, PyBluez 0.9.1, a Wiimote, 2 IR emitters of some sort (even candles work apparently!)

64bit users:for 64bit linux, you could try changing line 729 from:




Non-Linux users:
Windows: LiquidIce’s page and GlovePIE.
Mac OSX: DarwiinRemote.

FINAL UPDATE: WMD now has a website! See the link above.

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