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October 12, 2006

TI85 Emulator Roadmap

Plan for version R2

  • Save/Load state
  • Autopress ON key for you (so you don’t have to worry about it)
  • Works on standard GBA flashcarts without libfat support
  • Map hardware DS buttons to TI buttons

Current keymapping plan:

D-PAD – Arrows
A – 2nd
X – F1
Start – ON (also shows debug screen while held)
Select – MORE
Start+Select – RESET (warning! no confirmation!)
R – Normal scaling (Proportional)
L – Stretched scaling, fill entire screen

The way I chose the ABXY buttons are based on which keys are most used in assembly games.

Plans for version R3 and beyond:

  • Loading state from Virtual TI save state files (so you can make a nice save state on your PC, with lots of files/apps/games, then transfer to the DS)
  • Transfering files directly. You can just copy *.85? files to your CF/SD card, and then load them onto your TI from a special menu
  • Different on-screen button layouts.

Request for help: If anyone can come up with some nice button layouts, I can put them in. MrShlee made some here, however the links no longer work.
Personally, I prefer all the buttons easily accessible on a single screen. Though I might try his method of having two screens, just to see how it works. Also, I would prefer button layouts similar to what I have, and not ones based on a photo, like I had before (unless you make it look really nice & clean). Of course, I will put your name in the credits & readme. Thanks!

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  1. Would try to make a nicer looking layout… but it would be easier if i have your current layout as a starting point.

    Comment by Rudi Rastelli — October 13, 2006 @ 5:18 am

  2. This is the first “preview” of the layout I made..

    I can improve on this design for primary/secondary keys (L key to change)

    I’ll work on one with all the buttons on a single screen – apart from that. the key map looks fine.

    P.S (D-PAD + ABXY) works well for left/righthanded people – unless you can’t think of another way to map them

    Comment by MrShlee — October 13, 2006 @ 8:44 am

  3. P.S. I’m currently VERY sick but hopefully I’ll be ready for action soon!

    Comment by MrShlee — October 13, 2006 @ 8:47 am

  4. As for the current layout: Unfortunately, I make it via code on the DS, so I can’t exactly give you a premade image. If you can get it to boot under an emulator, that might work, but other than that, all I can give you is this:
    It contains all the individual buttons, and the code that lays them out. The code is a bit awkward, mainly because I ported it from the original version, so I just sort of tweaked it by hand until things looked like. Also check the screenshot in the previous post…the only difference between the screenshot, and the code, are the addition of these buttons:

    SIZE can toggle between stretched to fill the whole screen, or streched with keeping aspect ration
    SPEED can toggle between FULL speed, REAL speed, or “FREAL” (basically, full speed during processing, otherwise real speed)
    GFX can toggle between ALL and SKIP (skip drawing some frames to speed it up. calculators don’t usually need a high framerate, unless you’re plaing games).

    Comment by davr — October 13, 2006 @ 9:38 am

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