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July 24, 2006

Draw Test with new libfat

Minor update here, no new features. Only change from last version is I’m testing with the new alpha version of libfat. Currently loading is DISABLED as libfat does not mobdro support directory listing yet. If you want a fully functional version, please see this previous post.

I have tested saving on GBAMP and Supercard CF. Please, test it on your devices and let me know if saving works correctly. As I recieve reports, I will update the info below. Thanks.

Tested, working: GBAMP, Supercard CF
Tested, seems to create 0kb files? M3 SD
Untested, but should work on: M3 CF, Supercard SD, Neoflash MK2/3
Untested, Mobdro APK may or may not work: Max Media Player/Dock, EFA2

NDS version
.DS.GBA version

And here are the two test images I made:
Light   Dark

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July 6, 2006

Using My Draw App on MiniSD

I’ve had some reports that the upper screen does not display correctly when launched directly. Apparently, a workaround is to launch it through moonshell. So if you find that you cannot read the information on the top screen, then try running my app from moonshell, instead of directly from your flash cart menu.

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