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April 25, 2006

Flash is still better than AJAX

So I’ve been ignoring the whole ajax/js/dhtml thing, only doing flash programming. It turns out that the implementation of XmlHttpRequest has a few major shortfalls. Short summary of linked article:

  1. There are no persistant connections. This rules out any type of ‘server-push’ programming model, forcing clients to poll the server, which either puts more strain on bandwidth and server resources, and/or increases lag time between updates.
  2. You can’t turn off HTTP request headers

So in essence, AJAX coders are still stuck with LoadVars. They don’t have anything that offers the functionality of XMLSocket (persistant connections, ability to send whatever data you want).

The one shortfall of XMLSocket (text only data, must be null-terminated), is removed in Flash 9 (formerly known as 8.5), and already I’ve seen a flash-based pop3 example as well as a flash-based vnc viewer/client.

The solution is to modify the implementation of XmlHttpRequest. The above article talks about some possible fixes. This would really be a boon to all the “Web 2.0” coders who for whatever reason are unable to use Flash.

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