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April 5, 2006

Drawing update

Quick update…I optimized the code a bit so it shouldn’t lag anymore, speed feels very good now, and added very very basic color selection (you can pick from 7 colors). Download .nds – R2 (see update below)

UPDATE: I’m trying to get the touchscreen code to be better. I’m trying various other people’s code in an attempt to stop the ‘jumping lines’ problem. I’ve made it slightly better, however at the cost of discarding the first few readings after you touch. This is a bit annoying when you like to draw with many small marks. But as long as you don’t press softly, it seems to be overall better results. Download .nds – R3 (see update below)

UPDATE AGAIN: Made some more progress on touchscreen code, it’s better, but still not perfect yet. This has to be solvable, but maybe nobody in the homebrew community has solved it completely yet? There aren’t too many apps besides drawing ones where you need accuracy. Download .nds – R4 see this update

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  1. This is kind of cool. I hope this gets a bit bigger. A designer friend of mine would defenitly love it ;). Ah yes, and I found one bug. When I draw a line and untouch the touchscreen it registers a touch a bit to the bottem and left of where I just touched.

    Comment by Snuk the Great — April 5, 2006 @ 10:49 am

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