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March 13, 2006

Finished wiring

March 12th:

Finally finished wiring it! (Man that was a lot of work):
Underside of protoboard with tons of wires

Here is a short movie of a quick test of making some random LEDs light up:
Frame from video: Some blinking leds
MPG1 format – 1.8MB
It’s hard to see in the video, but they are red, green, and orange.

Unfortunately, my programming cable is about 3 inches long (parallel port). I have an extra 6′ parallel cable, but it’s the wrong gender. So currently, I have to crawl behind my PC everytime I want to reprogram the AVR 🙁
I’m building a correct gender parallel cable now, so I don’t have to keep doing that. (Yeah…I know you can get them for $4…but I’m cheap)

Everyone keeps telling me I need to put resistors in series with the LEDs to limit current, but it seems to work ok without them, and thats 16*2 fewer solder joints I need to make. We’ll see if anything burns out hah.

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